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First Time Explorers

Birders & Herping Enthusiasts

Forest Ecology

If you want to be in nature but don’t understand what gets the wildlife enthusiasts so excited; we can help.


An educational overview followed by a guided adventure into the forest.


We’ll get you started on your life list, hone your species identification skills, and increase your wildlife literacy. You can explore with an expert and then later practice in your own natural areas at home. We’ll be here, ready to help you progress to the next level.

Go Big


Wildlife Enthusiasts

Accessibility Preferred

American Black Bears

Introduce your family and friends to the joys of watching wildlife in a convenient trip from home.


This is the perfect opportunity to start building the skillset to enjoy wild experiences at home and abroad. Take this time to help your kids learn the patience required for amazing observations on a day trip to see the wild American Black Bears who live their lives fully, freely, and happily in front of us.


Consider this the first of many outdoor adventures together.

Find Rare

Serious Nature Enthusiasts

Wildlife Photographers

American Lynx

American  Predators

Make an overnight trip to our little slice of haven to maximize your chances of observing the illusive American Lynx. Read more on our American Lynx experience if she is all you seek.


Purchase our all-inclusive American Predator course to make the most of your time at our forests. Arrive in the afternoon to study the wild and active Black Bears as they forage for their last acorns of the day, await the overnight call for your private night session with the Lynx (L. rufus)  who prowls the woods after sunset, and begin your next morning making the most of the day by exploring habitats shaped by the architects of ecosystems: our resident beavers with your instructor present to support your exploration.

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