You're safe in our Havens


We have thought of everything to ensure a safe experience. Private groups only, socially-distanced guiding, and touch-free experience are just some of the ways we will keep you safe.


Lyme disease is a serious disease that can be easily prevented. Wear long pants, tall socks, and tuck one into the other. Read more of our safety tips and tricks to reduce the risk of Lyme disease.


Respecting an animal's Social, Personal, and Intimate space is the key to a successful and enjoyable interaction. Our skilled naturalist guides will ensure we respect our wildlife's boundaries.

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Science-based measures to keep you safe

Our team constantly updates our safety precautions to meet new standards as medical researchers learn more about how to keep all of us safe. 

Safety Precautions:

Private, closed, co-quarantining groups preferred


No mixing of groups


Socially hyper-distanced, professional guiding

Fresh-air, no-touch restrooms featuring personal disinfecting pump bottles

Sanitizing solutions available for your use


Touch-Free Booking and Payment Experience


  1. Private

  2. Distanced

  3. Fresh air

  4. No-touch

Black-legged Deer Ticks carry Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by the unassuming Deer Tick (Ixodes scapularis).


The bad news: They attach to your socks and trousers so that you carry them home and they have time to infect you.


The good news: They must be attached for 24-36 hours before the infection transmits to you.


Check out our tips to prevent Lyme Disease

Learn more through the Centers for Disease Control


Tick Tricks

Safety Precautions:


Wear  tall, light-colored socks and tuck your long pants into them.

During  your adventure, inspect your socks and trouser legs from time to time, looking for small dark spots on the surfaces

After  you get back, conduct a thorough tick check of your scalp and hidden spots on your body before you bathe

If   you find a tick, remove it carefully and monitor the bite and your health for the following week for signs of Lyme disease.

Tick Tricks

  1. Wear..

  2. During ..

  3. After..

  4. If..


We all need space

The concept of personal space is universal across species and humans. However, the size of the bubble can vary by species, country, or relationship.

Humans have different tolerances for where a stranger, a colleague, and a family member can be relative to us; animals make those same calculations.

Respecting every animal's space will ensure a mutually successful, safe, and comfortable encounter between you and the wildlife in our havens.

To ensure this, we ask that you follow all instruction from your guide, who will navigate these boundaries for you to ensure a safe interaction.

I solemnly swear I will heed all instructions to keep me and the animals safe.

I accept my duty to tuck in my socks, watch out for rocks,


Look out for sticks, and check for ticks,

Both in and out of the Havens.

The Oath

I solemnly swear I will heed all instructions to keep me and the animals safe...​