We believe everyone deserves the chance to learn about nature, in nature.

Unlike those of us who have lost touch with nature as we became adults, the leaders of Nature Havens were enthusiastic naturalists since they were children... and never drifted away.


Why? Because they had a space to hone the skills needed to understand and safely enjoy nature for life.

Our owners have teamed up to protect outdoor areas on private lands and offer an outdoor education that will not only equip you and your family with the skills they have honed through years of field experience, but also demonstrate how respecting an animal's space can make for a peaceful coexistence. All so that you might be able to better understand the natural world around you, and enjoy it as they still do; every day.

They've worked for years to understand the wildlife in our Havens in order to provide incredible, safe, and eye-opening experiences, backed up by our Nature Havens Guarantee. Inquire today.

Our Vision

We seek to create viable models for modern civilization to thrive together with nature rather than in opposition. Through education, understanding and appreciation of the wildlife of the Eastern Forest, Nature Havens will teach you how to avoid conflict between humans and wildlife and will reconnect us to the beauty of nature.


Our guided educational experiences equip you with the tools to explore nature and rekindle the boundless curiosity we all had as children. Nature Havens hopes to reignite the sense of wonder and to inspire us to dream bigger about how humanity and nature can co-exist.



Given the chance, Nature has the power to recover and thrive together with us. We believe that humanity has the duty to assist nature in its fight to survive, not only to ensure the survival of other species, but also to guarantee a healthy future for humanity.


The concept of a personal bubble is universal. Recognizing and respecting a being's social and personal space is the key to an enjoyable and safe encounter.


We are never more alive than when we are connected to nature around us. Enjoying nature responsibly leads to the creation of green jobs, which in turn builds a strong and lasting connection between nature and people.


Nature Havens Guarantee

Learning in the wilderness means there is no guarantee about what you will see.


We can guarantee:

1. Transparency about the behavior of the wildlife and chances of a successful field-study

2. Dedication of our collective expertise to predict behavior to put the odds in your favor

3. Invitation to return at a very reduced rate until you can observe the subject of your course